Susan Montfort

New Business Guru

Phone: 949.769.5788

Susan had an early job transcribing Doctors notes and interpreting medical records for a nursing agency. This gave her tremendous medical knowledge and an unique ability to decipher Doctors bad handwriting. She was soon promoted to Branch Manager, hired and trained examiners while quickly turning a long suffering paramedical office into a top 10 performer. Susan moved full-time into the insurance brokerage sector 25 years ago. She quickly moved to the new business area where she soon became the New Business Manager. This led her to be the Director Of Underwriting, Concierge Unit. She was ultimately promoted to VP of Operations of this large IMO where she was responsible for the development of their own processing service center, staff of over 20 employees which included in-house underwriters. Throughout her career, Susan has prided herself for the numerous relationships built with the Carrier’s and UW staff, Chief Underwriter’s and Sales/Regional teams. Susan’s work ethic and her tremendous passion for this industry makes her an invaluable resource for BGA.