Giving Back to the Community


Making a Difference in Our Community and Beyond

BGA believes in helping to create stronger, more vibrant communities, and we invite our customers to join us in making a difference and giving back.  We encourage you to make waves and make a difference in the lives of others.  There are so many ways to get involved and help in your community.  Together we can make a difference and inspire others to take action.

On April 20, 2015, President, Barry Zimmermann, will be running in his second Boston Marathon!! This year’s charity is dedicated to the National Wounded Warrior Center located in Mammoth Mountain, CA.  The Center empowers wounded, sick and injured servicemen and women by facilitating their transitions into fulfilling civilian lives. The Center rehabilitates, educates and offers counseling to these heroes.


Place your donation now and provide comfort to an Injured Warrior.  Your generous, tax-deductible gift enables the National Wounded Warrior Center to provide assistance to thousands of heroes injured in the line of duty. Your gift will make a difference in their lives  through the Wounded Warrior programs you help sustain.  The Center’s goal is to restore and rehabilitate the whole person, improving independence and reducing the effects of their disability. 

Please contribute whatever you can to this fundraiser.

Boston Marathon 2014 recap:

A year after the bombing, the theme “Boston Strong” or on some T-shirts, Boston Stronguh rings true. Blue and yellow are the colors throughout Boston and daffodils are everywhere - spring hopes eternal.  Over 100,000 daffodils were planted along the marathon route and are in every window throughout the city.  The city is alive with the Red Sox in town and the Bruins, at home, in the playoffs. The 118th Boston Marathon was a perfect day, read more..

Boston Marathon

On April 21st, our very own President, Barry Zimmermann, will be running in the Boston Marathon!! We couldn't be more proud!! Read more about his story and the charity he is helping.

“To be able to run the Boston Marathon is a life achievement for me. To be honored to run it the year after the tragic bombing will be life changing.

I am doing this as a fundraiser for The One Fund. The One Fund Boston was formed to assist victims and families affected by the tragic events at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013 and in the days that followed by request of Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino.

The recovery is just starting for many and it will be a long road. Their resilience has inspired our city and nation, and we ask that you continue to support and stand united with them. To date, One Fund Boston has raised $71.3 million. Every little bit counts. Please contribute to my fundraising and contribute to the good people in Boston who are suffering or permanently disabled.”



In 2004 the 8 year old son of a close personal friend of Ken Williams was diagnosed with a rapidly progressing neurodegenerative disease. In 2006 he was granted a wish by the Make-A-Wish Foundation to meet Tiki Barber who then played for the NY Giants. Their entire family was flown to NYC to meet the Giants team and have lunch with Tiki at one of his favorite restaurants. This tremendous experience inspired Ken and his wife Meredeth to help raise money and bring awareness to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The next event Ken and Meredeth are involved in is the “We Care For Kids” Golf tournament held May 12th at Mesa Verde Country Club.

Donate to this fundraiser